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Be Comfortable, Enhance Your Lifestyle with an upgraded Energy Management and Wellness System

You expect your home to be comfortable no matter what season it is or how bad the weather is outside. But heating and cooling can be expensive—especially if your system is cranking at full blast whether you're home or not.

Automate your entire house to perfectly fit your unique lifestyle—feel comfortable while you're home and in control while you’re away with an interactive system.

We think it's time your house evolved past the various programs that run your thermostats or lights. With an enerG system, your entire home can now become a responsive, living entity that accommodates your lifestyle based completely on your habits, schedule, and even spontaneous actions. You'll be able to track important information about what goes on in your home, enabling you to cut energy costs, more closely monitor the kids, or even keep an eye on Grandpa.

The Sounds Good enerG solution goes far beyond a smart thermostat:

  • Energy Management: monitor and reduce energy consumption of smart home electronics, conserve resources, and save money
  • Lifestyle Sensors: wireless activity sensors monitor daily activities without impeding on a person's independence or privacy
  • GeoFencing: your home will react to your presence based on GPS proximity (via your phone) no matter what time or day
  • Keyless Entry & HD Video: easily lock or unlock doors from anywhere using your phone, then watch as motion sensors trigger an automatic video recording of any activity
  • Integrated Lighting Automation: improve your overall energy efficiency with dimmed lights, and take advantage automated lights to improve safety and security
Home is one thing, but you'll be shocked to learn how much energy (and dollars) are wasted at your business!

Honestly, we don't want you managing, we want you living. Let the system manage itself as it learns your daily habits and responds accordingly, with very little effort on your part. If anything, we're offering "Lifestyle Enhancements" more than a management system.