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Home Theater...
The words trigger the imagination in all of us

When you hear the words "home theater" you may think of a mini cinema in a dedicated room, complete with a LCD projection screen, sound proofing, theater loungers, and a popcorn machine. If that's your dream, we can help design and install your vision with skill and service that outshine any other custom home theater installation company.

Without a doubt, Sounds Good designs and installs the best home theater solutions available. Our wide array of choices range from modest surround sound systems to state-of-the-art media rooms and front projection theater solutions, all with the ability to integrate with a whole-home video system.

We will work with you to add an outstanding cinematic experience to any room in your home, from the kids' room to your living room. Or when you're ready, we can take a step further and create the dedicated cinema room of your dreams... We're talking reference-level audio and video equipment, 3D video, acoustic room treatments, luxurious theater seating & furnishings, customized cabinetry, and more.

Whether you have multiple TVs throughout your house or several in just one single room, video distribution makes life infinitely easier

Play HD video from a variety of sources on multiple TVs, controling them all from one simple interface. Use your pre-set selections to easily change all sources and inputs for whatever you’re watching—whether it’s a show on satellite or cable, an iTunes movie or the latest Blu-ray disc.

But it's about more than that, isn't it? What about a video solution for the whole home?
Imagine having access to all your video sources from any room of your home, controlled simply and reliably with one remote control. Imagine centralizing almost every video component like cable/satellite boxes, DVD changers and media players into a single equipment rack that's hidden away but always accessible. Image your living space free of electronic cables and clutter.

And if you're really into decluttering the home with "garish" electronics, we have many creative ways of making even televisions virtually disappear — they can be disguised by cabinetry or artwork, sink or lift into out-of-sight places via motorized lifts, and even seem to transform into elegant mirrors when off!